Frequent asked questions



  • Are there any limitations when choosing printing paper in your plant?

    Special aspects of web offset printing impose some weight restrictions on paper. For web printing we use offset, news and coated paper from 35 to 150 g/m2. The grammage range of paper for sheetfed printing makes from 80 to 400 g/m2. To define the right paper type for the concrete edition you can consult our specialists.

  • Do you produce flyers?

    Sheetfed production is possible by the circulation not less than 120 000 or more copies.

  • What is the Run performance time?

    The production time for each edition is defined individual and depends on manufacturing complexity (the run, post-print and finishing processes) as on machine loading schedule. Placing the order in advance (in 1-2 months) you can reduce the manufacturing term till two days after transferring all pre-press materials. For newsprint and magazine production in fact is typical that most periodical publications have been published in the early part and the end of month. That’s why the non-periodical edition it is better to schedule for the middle of the month.

  • What minimum Run can you produce?

    The minimum run for sheet-fed printing is 1500 copies, for web printing - 10000 copies.

  • May we attend the press preparation for printing?

    You can attend both the make-ready process and the printing run phase directly. It is necessary to arrange your attendance with the manager beforehand. If you are just planning to work with us we can invite you to visit our production and show you the whole technological chain of print production – starting with manufacturing of printing forms till shipping of finished run, and also tell you about all abilities and features of our equipment.

  • Is the failure to deliver on time possible?

    The production process at Pervy Polygraphichesky is based on the production schedule drawn up every month, and the timekeeping is strictly controlled. As a result we secure a delivery on schedule. Besides that all the machinery is duplicated, and in case of unscheduled downtime or press breakdown it allows us to execute the order at the similar equipment with no time loss. The failure of lead time is possible only if force majeure arises and we inform the customer about the events occurrence immediately. All obligations of the parties in such situations are specified in the Agreement about the printing service.

  • How will the time of shipment change if the customer delays the transmission of the pre-press or additional materials?

    We always meet wishes of our customers and strive to change our production schedule to keep deadlines for transfer the finished run to the customer. In accordance with the terms of contract Pervy Polygraphichesky is entitled to depart from time of the shipment according the capacity load.

  • Why do you order paper for each Order separately and don’t buy it ahead of time?

    Paper for each concrete edition will be defined individually in consideration to customer wishes, requirements to external appearance of the edition, printing budget and production terms. After signing the Agreement and receiving the prepayment we order paper directly at the manufacturer. According requirements of paper mills the order should be placed no later than one and a half months before planned shipment due to production features of paper. When the customer concludes an agreement about printing a periodical edition we are working with paper suppliers according the Stop-order system: paper is produced according prior booking requirements of the printer and will be kept in stock of the manufacturer until called for.